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MindStand AI will

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Identify social trends and anomalies within your company's internal online communications.

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Provide detailed reports on employee experience, opportunities for training, and insights to improve culture.

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Track your company's progression, and pinpoint areas of success and inefficiency within corporate strategies.

so you can

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Understand your employee experience and sentiment across all members of your company.

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Hire passionate and driven employees that care immensely about their organization.

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Build an inclusive community where employees feel acknowledged, heard, and safe.

Who it's for

Janice says, “Being the Director of ESG of a worldwide company, culture has always been important to me. I need up-to-date technology that is reliable enough for the many cultures I have to maintain. MindStand AI is a tangible tool to measure CSR and ESG initiatives for me, which allows me to stay at the forefront of our markets as a global company.”Levi says, “I recently became the co-founder of a startup and am still in the early stages of growing my team to the seventh hire. I, unfortunately, have little time to spend focusing on my company’s culture. I worry about measuring, understanding, and building a strong culture from the ground up. MindStand has helped me do this while encouraging an online community and setting expectations for inclusion and support amongst early staff.”
Mary says, “I ensure the strong culture of my midsize company as the Chief of People Officer. My company prides itself on our culture; we outcompete corporate America on culture and recruiting every day. MindStand AI has helped me stay competitive in attracting talent as they look to find a new home. MindStand is my trusted partner in staying up-to-date on the latest best practices and DEI.”
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