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With your company's new Culture Report, powered by MindStand, you can organically measure your organizational culture. With metrics ranging from positivity to engagement, our Culture Report enables decision-makers to take a data-driven approach to creating and fostering a culture of excellence.

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51% of remote workers
feel they don’t have support
from their employer to deal with
burnout issues.
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Forbes 2022
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45% of women and people of color say it's difficult to speak up in virtual meetings and chat discussions.
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Catalyst 2021
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68% of employees reported experiencing burnout and claimed supervisors can make work-from-home burnout worse.
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Deloitte 2020
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Most Active Times

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Chart Description

Based on our analysis using the overall flow of posts, replies, and reactions, 10:00AM – 12:00PM window during weekdays is when the majority of Example Corp's team is active and interacting with each other.

How does it work?

Using our API, we take your Slack and/or Microsoft Teams data and analyze it using our AI algorithm. We then compile your organization’s report into a PDF report and send it straight to your inbox.

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Alexander Miles Testimonial: "Receiving an A+ on our MindStand Report shows me that the effort my team and I put into creating a collaborative culture is paying off."

Fostering healthy online communications,
one post at a time.