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68% of the workforce demands that organizations are more willing and able to be transparent in the hiring process.

2021 PWC

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lost when an engineer, senior director, or CPA leaves due to a lack of understanding company culture.

2022 Harvard Business Review

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‍Recruiters and other HR professionals are
115% more likely to quit as a
result of the Great Resignation.

2022 Brazen

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With our awarded facilitation process, companies create more honesty and transparency, leading to a CULTURE ADD.


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Meeting Structure and Candace ⦿ Department Day-Day Operation ⦿
DEI Efforts ⦿ Empowering Individual Contributors ⦿ Department Inclusivity ⦿ 90-day success in your role ⦿ New Hire Psychological Safety 

First 90 Day evaluation process ⦿
Internal Mobility ⦿
New Hire Alignment ⦿ Bandwidth/Work-Life balance ⦿ Role Fit ⦿ From New Hire POV ⦿ Team Moment ⦿ Speed/Workflow ⦿ Industry Knowledge ⦿ Manager Personality x Ways of working ⦿
DEI Training 


Engage saves cost and time when recruiting top talent.

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VP of Talent

“The candidates in this hiring process asked better questions than I’ve seen previously.”

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“Watching the videos made me feel like I already knew [my manager and CHRO] that made the interview so much less stressful.”

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“The questions were intimate and offered a great window into the company. After I watched them I was even more interested in the position.”

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at remotely hiring nationally company

“The facilitation was an important moment for my colleague and me to hash out what the most important points to talk about were."


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