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MindStand Culture Report

MindStand aims to help organizations understand their company culture with real-time culture analytics from MindStand AI.

The following report was generated on 06/13/2022 and included an analysis of [Company’s] Slack interactions between the date range 03/01/2021 – 03/01/2022.

This report aims to enable people officers, managers, and C-level individuals to understand [Company's] internal communications better. This report does not aim to convict or vindicate any individual or group of any possible interaction-based infractions. Use the following data and suggestions to improve employee engagement, build effective culture initiatives, and measure changes in culture and inclusion at [Company].

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Conversational Metrics

Conversational Metrics Line Graph

Chart Description

This chart displays positive vs neutral vs negative messages over a period of 12 months as identified by the MindStand AI, through which November 2021 has yielded the most negative flags (10) and January 2022 had the most interactivity overall (1813 messages).


Neutral Messages
Positive Messages
Negative Messages

Engagement Metrics

Most Engaged Channels

Most Engaged Channels metrics

Most Engaged People

Most Engaged People pie chart

Most Engaged Times

Most Engaged Times graph

Chart Description

Based on the data processed by MindStand AI, the above mentioned users and channels show the most engagement across organization over the span of most engaged times.

Reaction Metrics

Most Reacted Messages

Reaction metrics: "if only they used Fred's edit!" by Greg, "Before the day ends, I just wanna give a big thanks to the entire team for all that you do here..." by Harrold

Most React Given

Reaction Metrics line graph

Chart Description

Reaction Metrics are aimed to visualize how, what, and where users within an organization are reacting to communications that are posted. As displayed above, [Company's] reactions were mostly positive and the adjacent chart shows which users in the organization gives out the most reactions/kudos.

Off-Peak Metrics

Off-peak metrics bar graph

Chart Description

Off-Peak Metrics are aimed to measure the percentage of messages that are sent outside of typical work hours in order to promote better work-life balance, prevent burnout, and over-exhaustion within an organization.

Based on aggregate data, our calculations show that [Company] employees sent the highest 16.9% of overall messages for February 2022 during off-peak hours which was the 3-month record after which March 2022 saw a drop in off-peak messaging to 6.8%.

MindStand Deep-dive

Number of Messages: XX,XXX
Timeline: March 1, 2021 – March 1, 2022
Culture Grade: A+

In the applied date range, MindStand AI processed 10,456 messages. [Company] has earned an A+ rating according to our Culture Scale™, with scales tipping toward more positive interactions.

MindStand’s suggestion to [Company] is to continue this path onto fostering a happy and healthy workplace.

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