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    About Ecomap

    EcoMap is a platform built to power ecosystems of all types and sizes. EcoMap centralizes information about the resources, organizations, people, and opportunities within any given ecosystem. EcoMap has won awards as an inclusive and fast-growing tech company in the Baltimore region.

    Why MindStand

    EcoMap came to MindStand to get more information about team engagement on their online communication platforms. They wanted to understand how to encourage new employees to enroll in their warming culture faster. C-Levels approved an initiative to coach managers on the best new employees to matriculate into their methods to engage with their hybrid employees.

    Platform Used

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    Product Used

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    How MindStand Helped

    Conversational Metrics

    Conversational metrics outline the positive, negative, and neutral messages found within EcoMap’s internal communication. EcoMap can measure the contrast between these messages compared to the total number of aggregated messages.

    Engagement Metrics

    Engagement metrics show which channels are the most popular list which employees contribute to conversations the most, unpack manager-to-employee conversation styles, and which times and days are the most popular for engagement.

    Reaction Metrics

    Reaction metrics show which individuals are reacting to communications that are posted. This is useful for EcoMap because it explains that even if an employee is not creating communication, they can still be engaged with the team through reactions.

    Off-Peak Metrics

    Off-Peak metrics outline the percentage of messages that were sent outside of typical work hours. EcoMap can use this information to ensure they are maintaining their work-life balance by eliminating excessive communication.

    Conversational Metrics graph
    Engagement Metrics pie chart and channels
    Reaction metrics line graph
    Reaction metrics: "if only they used Fred's edit!" by Greg, "Before the day ends, I just wanna give a big thanks to the entire team for all that you do here..." by Harrold
    Off-Metrics bar chart

    What Ecomap did with this data

    MindStand aggregated EcoMap’s internal communication data to create their culture report. For the first time, Pava and Sherrod can see conversational, engagement, reaction, and off-peak metrics on their growing company culture.

    Based on EcoMap’s culture report, their leadership can utilize this data to understand their internal communications better, share with decision-makers and/or employees to celebrate positive outcomes of the report, and highlight any problem areas that came up. Ecomap can continue to build culture initiatives and measure the changes those initiatives made with MindStand products.

    *Disclaimer: All visual metrics have been anonymized by MindStand to protect and safeguard customer privacy.

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