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Meet the MindStand Family!

MindStand originally began as a hackathon idea at UMD’s “Bitcamp” competition in May 2018. Technical founders Eric Solender and Nikita Wootten submitted a “hate speech identifier” as an entry, placing second in the Bloomberg Award for Most Philanthropic Hack. CEO and cofounder, Michael Ogunsanya, joined shortly thereafter to provide his vision and corporate experience in order to scale MindStand Technologies.
With industry acclaim and an eagerness to innovate, MindStand began technical development in July 2018, scrapping our original hackathon code. Since then, we’ve partnered with over 13 HR firms to improve inclusion, joined the board of numerous DEI-focused nonprofits, and executed our company vision to become the gold standard in combating online harassment. From holding initial board meetings at UMBC’s dining hall to joining the Inaugural Techstars Equitech cohort, MindStand has created a family that’s dedicated to our vision.

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Michael Ogunsanya
CEO & Cofounder

Michael leads MindStand’s vision by ensuring that our philanthropic mission and business strategies are shared with organizations around the world.

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Eric Solender
CTO & Cofounder

Eric leads technical development at MindStand, in addition to head of programming on the backend. His main area of focus is backend data processing and storage, but also take hands on ML and User Interface Development.

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Nikita Wootten
Chief Data Scientist & Cofounder

Nikita leads the ML development at MindStand. Although his main area of focus is on machine learning and analysis, he also works on the backend and User Interface.

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Anthony Vaughan
VP of Partnerships

Anthony leads partnerships between MindStand and mission-aligned organizations building DEI services

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Taylor Odenath
Graphic Design Lead

Taylor develops and maintains MindStand's branding system. She leads design for document layouts, icons, marketing material, and UI displays.

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Chintan Jani
Product Lead

Chintan leads the UI and UX processes for the creation of MindStand AI products. He engages externally with clients and partners.

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Micah Husk
Social Media Manager

Micah leads the design and curation of content for all of MindStand's social media platforms.

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Mark Horton
Machine Learning Engineer

Mark is responsible for the development of MindStand AI’s machine learning insights and product.

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Steven Dilks
Software Engineer

Steven is responsible for backend API development and API integration.

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Kiesha Halliburton
Operations Manager

Kiesha has an extensive background of nearly 15 years of executive leadership support. She works in the capacity of C-Suite management and administration and establishing onboarding systems.

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Steve Byerly
Software Engineer

Steve develops MindStand’s machine learning insights and implements frontend features into the dashboard.

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Sam Reynolds
Software Engineer

Sam is part of MindStand's backend team where he works on data pipeline development in addition to deployments and maintenance.

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Maggie Yu
Frontend Developer

Maggie is responsible for frontend web development for MindStand.

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Tara Bhardvaj
Business Development Specialist

Tara is a graduating master’s candidate in Data Science at UMBC. She is responsible for developing sales and investor pipelines by working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders at MindStand.

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Antonio Winn
MindStand Fellow

Antonio is a graduating senior in Chemical Engineering at UMBC who contributes to MindStand's machine learning infrastructure.

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Rylan Peter
MindStand Fellow

Rylan is a GW organization psychology student. She researches and develops MindStand customer personas for internal and external use.

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Ranye McLendon
MindStand Fellow

Ranye migrates users from Office 365 to Gsuite, as well as IT infrastructure and security management.

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Dhyay Bhatt
Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Dhyay works on the Data & Machine Learning team at MindStand.

Our Advisors

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Francine Parham
Human Capital & Outreach Advisor

Francine is part of Women’s Leadership and is a Career Advancement Expert.

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Genevieve Patterson
Product & GTM Advisor

Genevieve is an exited entrepreneur and the Head of Applied Research at VSCO.

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Tim Oates, PhD
AI and Data Advisor

Tim is the director of CoRaL lab at UMBC and the Chief Data Scientist at Synaptiq.

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Meredith Bennett
Customer Success Advisor

Meredith integrates customer success with leadership planning, marketing, sales, social media, and partnerships.

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